Apartment Reviews for Mountain Ridge Manor Apartments in Ogden

4.8 | 34 Reviews

820 Monroe, Ogden, UT, 84404
(801) 392-8139


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Verified Resident

Staff is super friendly. They really take care of the apts. When something is not working, they fix it really quickly.

Verified Resident

We have been here abt 2 and a half years. Manager here, Jillian, Is absolutely the best! Maintenance has always been timely. It’s quiet here except for the occasional little folk play outside, their laughter is pleasant to me. We are saving for a house, but i am surely going to miss living here. This apt feels so much like home, safe and secure, close to everything too. The pool is awesome and the lawns are great, I love living here.

Verified Resident

I had an excellent experience working with the property manager Jilien Jackson. She helped me to get approved for an apartment and make move-in arrangements. When Covid 19 happened and my company did not transfer me to Odgen, Jilien helped me to cancel my reservation and obtain a refund of my deposit citing a hardship exception. She was very professional and responsive whenever I reached out to her. When the time comes for me to move to Ogden, I will for sure get in touch with Jilian.

Verified Resident

I love the way the apartments are set up and close to schools for my son. I love how they have cable in the package and the apartments are Spacious

I'm very impressed with the office lady Jilien Jackson. She has the perfect balance between professionalism and personability. She stayed after her office hours to help answer my questions about the application and for me to turn it in. She is patience and willing to listen. I was also impressed with how timely she was in keeping me updated on my application and other parties involved in the lease. On top of it all, the application she helped me with was not even for her office but a location in Logan!

My family has lived here for a year and we love it! We just renewed our lease to stay for another year. They??re really affordable and the management is amazing! Our last apartments went through around 6 landlords in the 3 years we lived there. And Jilien is by far our favorite landlord we??ve ever had anywhere we??ve lived.

The staff and employees here are always on top of the help and very easy going. The amenities are nice and they have newly remodeled apartments.

Mountain ridge manor has been such a great place to live. Management and mantience are easy to get a hold of and they will work with you. The apartment itself is really nice and spacious. It??s been a pleasure to live here!

Beautiful apartments,excellent view and excellent service.

Mountain Ridge is a great spot to live , close to all the schools !! Jilien is Awsome and maintance is done well and in a timely manor !! Thanks Mountain Ridge for the perfect apartment

Service is excellent. The cost of extras is getting out of hand.

I love living here. Management stays on top of things. Very quiet for apartments. I can hear my upstairs neighbors only when they are literally stopping or moving something heavy. I??ve had to scream a couple times but you can??t hear their tv or them talking unless they are yelling.

I have been here since May 1998. Except for the rent increases, I have enjoyed my stay here.

Well I have to say I loved it at Mountain Ridge Manor , MY wife and I enjoyed the stay while it lasted , The maintenance was really good on the property , really nice people , management was really nice and I love to come back .

Great place to live.

I think Cindy is great and she manages the apartments very well. She always tries to be as accomaditing as possible and communicate things clearly. Sometimes she has to be the bad guy and let people know that rent was raised in a contract renewal but that's just how things go. There's so much to do with managing so many apartments and families and she is an excellent choice for the job. I really like my apartment and the maintenance guy is around grounds nearly every day keeping things orderly and well kept. I feel like my neighbors are trustworthy and I am perfectly safe here in the housing. If you leave valuables in your car, it will get broken into. My car was because I forgot I had something in it and I've seen other vehicles with evidence of their cars having been broken into. Honestly I think that's how it is everywhere. You feel safe in your area and forget that things left in the vehicle are most likely not if their valuable enough to be stolen. When I moved in they replaced the carpet and had a professional cleaner come in after the tenant left. To me, that was a very clear indication that management and owners try to update things and be as clean and presentable as possible. In my experience I've always had to have the carpets and apartment cleaned with my own funds when I move in so having a clean place was so appreciated! It's also easy to access parking. I watch for driving accessibility when I am looking for places because not being able to pull out of the lot because of 15 minutes of traffic is incredibly annoying. There are stoplights on both ends of the street so traffic flow is controlled.

My lease is up here at the end of July, I have never had any complaints or issues with this place or the Management. In fact I loved living here! I am only leaving to get into a bigger housing unit with my 3 kids. Yes the floors may creek when the neighbors up stairs move around (very little) and my light fixture fell off once when they stomped but other than that there is really not much I would complain about. I will say the Kitchen is a nice size with plenty of room, there is tons of storage space, and the rooms are decent sized! Also the separate washer and dryer area is great and adds just a little more space for storage if needed. I never had any maintenance issues so I cannot update on that process but I always see the maintenance man out and bout working so that's a good sign. The lawn is always up kept and snow removal was great. I moved in the middle of winter with my parking stall froze over and they had it removed within the next couple of days. I haven't yet moved out however I do try to clean the units better than how I got them so I will update on the move out process once that is done. I am a firm believer that if you are doing what you should be doing as a tenant you wont have any issues with the property manager(s).

Edit: these guys earned 5 stars. The community is quiet and we haven't had any problems. it has been the best rental we've ever had, and I dread the time when our lease ends. I like it here! Fair price for what you are getting. I am on a bottom unit and have never heard my neighbors... ever. I expected to, since they have a dog and everything. I love my big kitchen, and the maintenance outside is very good. I do not like that the cable is included, but it didn't affect us so much since we already had xfinity. We were able to get on a faster Internet with the bundle though, so it worked out for us, but just keep that in mind when you are applying. The washer/dryer hookups are nice. They're separated from the apartment, which gives you more storage and living space. Overall, it has been really good and my family has been happy here.